An aesthetic Alternative

Due to its name, most patients believe that the Crown is made entirely of zirconium, but in reality, only the internal part is made out of this material, the external part is made of ceramic. The blending of these materials brings to the teeth, an elevated strength, resistance and an esthetic that has no match with other crowns.

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Advantajes of a zirconium crown

1. Zirconium crowns are lighter than metal-ceramic crowns.

2. 50% more resistant.

3. Dental Zirconium is completely compatible with the human body.

4. It is not a metal and it does not produce any allergies.

5. Due to its white color, the metal will never be visible.

6. Zirconium crowns due that are metal free, sensitivity to cold or hot food and liquids wont be a problem.

Disadvantages of Zirconium crowns

1. The only disadvantage of a zirconium oxide crown it’s the cost, they are a little more expensive than metal ceramic or pure ceramic crowns.

What is a dental veneer?

They are thin sheets that adhere to the tooth, can be compared with artificial nails, It is one of the less aggressive treatments for aesthetic dental, and this is the reason why so many celebrities wear them, it is a long term treatment, they maintain its color and brightness, and its union with the enamel is very strong. Nobody will ever notice that you are using artificial teeth, veneers do have a perfect fit to the margin of the tooth, they are alcohol and oral fluids resistant.

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